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Core Banking Systems – Today and Tomorrow

Bank symbol

Reliable, Modern, Efficient? Not All of Them In the rapidly evolving landscape of the financial industry, core banking systems play a pivotal role in driving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and ensuring regulatory compliance. In this article, we explore the evolution of core banking technology, examine the leading vendors in the market, and provide valuable […]

Decoding Sprinterra: Unveiling the Story Behind Our Name and Evolution

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Seventeen years ago, our company founders started with a simple but bold idea: to redefine what a tech company could be. From our early days as DIO-SOFT to the vibrant identity we embrace as Sprinterra today, our evolution is more than just a name change—it’s about how we’ve grown, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the […]

Unlocking Growth with Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS): A Business Game Changer

In the digitized corridors of modern business, software stands as the spine of growth, a silent but potent force driving agility, efficiency, and service quality. It is the unseen fulcrum on which the leverage of opportunity pivots, transforming operational landscapes across industries. Within the beating heart of every software application lies a suite of backend […]

Small Steps in Odoo: Staff Expenses

A man holding smartphone on background of office and graphs

Do you want to avoid dealing with complex and outdated processes when managing your company’s expenses? Cash, credit cards, a myriad of receipts, and tons of paperwork? Well, I have an incredible solution for you and your company. Take a look at Mary and Richard’s story. Meet Mary and Richard… Imagine Mary, a cheerful accountant, […]

Banking on Cybersecurity

Data management

Prioritizing Safety in the Digital Financial Landscape Digital banking has revolutionized how people manage their finances, with online and mobile banking being the top choices for many. According to a 2022 Ipsos-Forbes Advisor survey, a whopping 78% of Americans prefer these digital methods. But with convenience comes responsibility: How secure are these digital platforms, and is […]

The Future of Money: The Latest Trends in Banking Software Development

Crystal clear glass glove dollar sign euro

The digital era has brought forth a wave of innovation that has fundamentally transformed various sectors, and banking is no exception. Banking Software Development Companies are at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to redefine how financial services function. In this blog, we explore some of the latest trends shaping the banking industry, […]

Celebrate Ukraine’s Independence Day With Sprinterra

Ukrainian Flag Child

18 Months of Astounding Resilience: Sprinterra Marches On Despite the War Ukraine has a deep-rooted tradition of tech leadership   Did you know that the first computer in continental Europe, MESM (Ukrainian: MEOM, Мала Електронна Обчислювальна Машина;  ‘Small Electronic Calculating Machine’), was built in Kyiv in 1950? While Moscow portrayed this as a collective “Soviet” […]

3 ERP Strategies Your Property Management Company Needs to Know

Skyscrapers NYC

An ERP solution—and three ERP strategies—can help your property management company succeed. Here is how Things appear to be looking up for property management professionals. Fortune Business Insights reports that the global property management market size is projected to grow to USD 37.25 billion by 2029, which means there are plenty of opportunities for your […]

Welcome to Our New Website – Designed with You in Mind

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Over the past few months, we’ve committed ourselves to creating a better, more user-friendly online experience that reflects the growth and evolution of our brand. Today, we’re excited to unveil this fresh look to our friends, customers, and visitors! Our old website served us well, but we knew it was time to rethink the layout, […]

Elevate Your Bank’s Digital Journey

Digital banking

    The Power of Custom Software Development and IT Services in the Financial Sector In an era marked by unprecedented technological advancements, banks, and financial services companies are leveraging the transformative potential of digital technology. One practical approach to staying ahead of the curve involves adopting custom software solutions and IT services. Let’s delve […]

500 Days of Resilience: Sprinterra’s Commitment Beyond Borders


It’s been over 500 days of relentless bombardment of Ukrainian cities and villages. Five hundred sleepless nights, filled with uncertainty and families torn apart. The world has watched as the extraordinary resilience of the Ukrainian spirit stands tall in the face of unimaginable aggression from a neighbor. As a company deeply committed to our people, […]

Happy Independence Day to The United States of America! 

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As America celebrates the 247th anniversary of its independence, we at Sprinterra extend our heartfelt wishes for continued prosperity and peace to this great nation. Today, as we join in celebrating the independence that has made the United States a beacon of hope and a symbol of freedom, we are reminded of the innate right […]