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Data Management

Unlocking Your Business Potential

Today, data isn’t just numbers on a screen; it’s the lifeblood of your business. Every click, transaction, and interaction shapes your story, and managing this vast wealth of information is vital to your success. 

Business data comes from many places: SaaS platforms, such as your CRM, websites, third parties, IoT devices, and more.  In general terms, ‘data’ is usually associated with clients, prospects, employees, sales, competitors, and finances in business.

For example, transactional data is created by business applications while supporting daily operations; analytical data is generated through the analysis of transactional data and calculations to provide deeper insights.

From customer relations to sales insights, from IoT devices to third-party platforms, data is at the heart of every decision you make. But without proper care, this vital resource can become overwhelming, leading to costly missteps.

Enter Sprinterra’s data management services – where complexity meets clarity.

Understanding Data Management

Data management isn’t merely collecting or storing information; it’s a delicate art of nurturing your business’s intellectual capital. It involves:

Data managment

Data Migration

is a process of moving data from one database to another

Data Reconciliation and Integration

combining data from different systems to create a unified data set, eliminating errors, double entries, and typos

Data Storage & Maintenance

is the practice of recording and preserving in data warehouses and data platforms – physical or cloud-based

Data Processing

is a procedure of collecting and translating data into valuable insights

Data Governance

is following rules and guidelines that define data management at a company

Data Security

a process of protecting data from corruption, hacking, and theft

Master Data Management

is a system that combats conflicting and redundant information

Building a Secure and Reliable Data Management System

According to the Harvard Business Review, 90% of business leaders believe that data literacy is essential for success. But only one-fourth of employees are confident in the accuracy of their data. Managing data involves a lot of different concepts and variables, which gets confusing.

Data Management Vocabulary/Glossary

MDM – Master Data Management (system)
CRM – Customer Management
EDW – Enterprise Data Warehouse
CDP – Customer Data Platform
Big Data – Data of high volume, high velocity, and high variety
Master Data – unique information that describes business’ core entities


We use the following software when building effective data management systems for our client

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