It’s been over 500 days of relentless bombardment of Ukrainian cities and villages. Five hundred sleepless nights, filled with uncertainty and families torn apart. The world has watched as the extraordinary resilience of the Ukrainian spirit stands tall in the face of unimaginable aggression from a neighbor.

As a company deeply committed to our people, we at Sprinterra have been asked frequently by our partners and clients about the day-to-day lives of our team members in Ukraine. Despite the turmoil, we stand shoulder to shoulder, maintaining our workflow uninterrupted. Our engineers and BAs adapt to new schedules and work hours. When our colleagues in Ukraine can’t access their computers or WiFi, their international teammates step in, ensuring continuity in our service.

This has amazed our customers, who have witnessed our consistent delivery and unwavering communication. However, there is more to our story, as a “video is worth a thousand words,” and that’s why we’re sharing our journey through these challenging times.

Filmed back in March 2022, the video from the Voice of America captures our concerted efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of our team in Ukraine. From organizing emergency evacuations to providing support to those who chose to stay, we’ve done what it takes to offer the best support possible. We didn’t just safeguard livelihoods but ensured our team’s safety at all times.

At Sprinterra, we believe in the power of humanity, the strength of unity, and the potential of technology to drive change. One of our long-term clients rightly called Sprinterra “a company with a soul,” a reflection of our people-centric ethos.

Our journey is more than just our story – it’s a testament to our team’s spirit, the bonds we share, and our collective strength that cuts across borders. It’s an affirmation of our values, our commitment, and our promise to stand by our team, no matter what.

The video doesn’t just depict what we did but also illustrates the power of technology to inspire hope, drive change, and guide us through the darkest times. We stand proud of our team for their resilience, passion, and unyielding spirit.

Strong Ukrainians

And, of course, we urge you to join our efforts in helping Ukraine. Here is our guide to safely supporting Ukraine

Together, we can face any challenge. Together, we will win.

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