At the core of Sprinterra are our Ukraine team members, who show extraordinary stamina as they carry on with their work duties, running zoom meetings from the bomb shelters and, hours later, volunteering or helping their kids with homework. Dear friends, your courage and dignity are inspiring.


Sprinterra team


The Ukrainian nation’s incredible bravery and unyielding resilience will be remembered and honored for centuries to come. But today, the people of Ukraine need help. 

It’s been over two months since russia’s unprovoked and unjustified attack on the sovereign state of Ukraine, over 60 days of pain, destruction, fear, and loss of innocent lives, families torn apart, women and children forced to abandon their homes. So many men, including some of our colleagues, had joined Ukraine’s armed forces to defend their homeland. We hope that Ukraine will win this battle soon and that all Ukrainians will return home. 

Meanwhile, we call upon our friends and partners to join us in supporting Sprinterra’s Ukraine team members and the country as a whole. 

We want to thank Elon Musk for activating the Starlink satellites above Ukraine and widening internet access after the russian military’s unprovoked invasion left parts of the country offline. That is why our remarkable colleagues in Kyiv and beyond can meet the deadlines and deliver projects on schedule. As we mentioned before, Sprinetrra’s top priority has been the safety of our team members and their families. We provide them with financial and relocation support, and humanitarian and psychological first aid.   

Thanks to uninterrupted workflow from our Ukrainian coders, developers, engineers, business analysts, designers, and project managers, Sprinterra maintains service continuity for our global customers and helps our clients achieve their goals faster.  


We are doing everything in our power to help Ukraine and support its citizens and soldiers. We are funding local organizations directly and encourage you to join our efforts and show solidarity with Ukraine.

Here are some links to directly donate to Ukraine: 

Donate to the Ukrainian military
Donate to Ukrainian Red Cross
Democratic Axe Foundation

Reach out to help us help Ukraine by hire Ukrainian developers for your next software development project – [email protected].  


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