When it comes to outsourced software development, Computer Weekly reports there are plenty of benefits: access to skilled developers, flexibility and scalability, cost savings and increased speed to market. However, if your project isn’t managed wisely, you might experience unforeseen costs and risks.

Following the below tips will help ensure your outsourced projects stay on track—and on budget.

Clearly define your business goals

In order for your developers to understand what is expected of them, it’s vital that you share specific elements of your business with them. From business processes and specific requirements to goals and budget, the more they know—the better they can help you.

Be absolutely clear about WHY you want to outsource software development

Are you trying to save money or reduce development time? Maybe you need access to more experienced developers. Regardless, it’s important they know exactly why you’re looking to outsource. With a clear purpose in mind, you’ll be much better equipped to make better sourcing decisions.

Assess and secure at risk applications

According to Computer Weekly, “Security is top of mind from the boardroom to the break room—and it will influence outsourcing strategy.” With most security-related initiatives, make sure to get a good handle on what you need to secure before digging in.

Be mindful of time zones and cultural differences

When working with teams in different time zones, it’s important you schedule meetings that work for both parties. You can also use time differences to your advantage. For example, if you’ve outsourced software development to Eastern Europe, you can send them something at the end of your business day—giving them a chance to work on it while you’re sleeping—so it’s ready for review the next business day.

Have good project management software in place and ensure everyone uses it

Providing your team with a collaborative software solution that allows them to work together is extremely important. Having immediate access to project data, teams can spend less time tracking down information and more time being productive.

Keep the lines of communication open with regular video chats/conference calls

If you want to develop a strong relationship with your outsourced software developers, it’s important to get some face time with them—even if it’s done online. Building rapport will help keep your project on track and ensures alignment on goals and milestones.

Treat your outsourced software developers like team players

Feeling like part of a team can increase communication and productivity. So take some time to get know the members of your team. Whether it’s through Skype or email, treat your outsourced team like the partner you want them to be—and more than likely, they will be.

At Sprinterra, we’ve been successfully working with clients around the globe for over a decade. Contact us today and learn how easy (and affordable) it is to outsource software development.

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