During the complicated times that Covid-19 crisis brought us, team building during quarantine becomes more and more essential in every company’s life. Great relationships in the team is an integral part of any business. Most companies understand why building teams is so important, but it’s easy to underestimate the work it requires to do so. 

Most team building exercises get done in person, a traditional way of working together. However, in response to the Covid-19 quarantine, this approach is no longer viable. For companies with team-building objectives, it’s an ideal time to come up with creative ways to create synergy from employee’s remote locations.

During A Lockdown Team-Building Is More Important Than Ever Before

The benefits of team-building, even with an entire workforce under lockdown, remain potent. These activities could be even more critical now since team members are working in solitude.

Here are six essential reasons that team-building is always worth doing, especially when employees are required or recommended to work from home.

When workers don’t spend time together in a traditional setting, it makes life/work balance more challenging. Working in isolation can become too great of a burden to bear for many, so taking steps to continue team-building is another way to face Covid-19 and other challenges head-on.

Why Team-Building Matters More Than Ever

Working remotely and away from others is never easy. For people experiencing this new normal for the first time, it can be upsetting and disheartening. 

Being alone and under stress can have numerous adverse consequences. People may develop a feeling of disassociation that leads to decreased motivation and a lower capacity to perform work. 

For employers doing their best to work their way through these adjustments, it’s essential to add variety, joy, and positivity to maintain employees’ emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Make the Most of the Current Situation with Team-Building Exercises

Even though most communication is now primarily through virtual and online means, there are still plenty of activities that can help increase teamwork. Here are some ideas if you need inspiration.

Have A Watch Party – Watching and discussing movies is a simple but rewarding activity to improve morale and increase engagement and communication.

Host A Virtual Luncheon – Utilize video conferencing technology to allow the team to lunch together, even from afar. This activity helps restore some bit of normalcy to your team members’ workday.

Play Online Games – When the workday gets done, why not have a little fun? Having your employees play multiplayer games together online is a great team-building exercise.

Online Training And Ongoing Education – Why not take this time to provide online training and ongoing education to your workers? Regardless of whether you focus on improving work-related skills or providing a creative outlet for them to have some fun, this can help with personal growth.

Daily Challenges – Make your remote workplace more enjoyable with day-to-day challenges. Ideas include taking selfies based on hilarious themes, sharing memes, or brainstorming for new creative ideas.

Workout Together – Engaging in physical exercise is one of the best ways to fight against weight gain, depression, and lethargy. By arranging group workouts, you can do your part to help employees stay mentally and physically healthy.

We Are Meeting the Challenge Head-On

Challenging times aren’t all bad news. When things don’t go as planned, people can rise to the occasion and create new opportunities. That’s our attitude at Sprinterra. Throughout these trying times, we’ve stepped up our game to assist our remote team members in staying focused and engaged with their work. Team buildings during quarantine in Sprinterra help our team to stay motivated and limit the effects of social distancing. We are a team no matter what! 

If you’re looking for a reliable software development partner – Spinterra is here to support your business. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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