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CrowdStrike Microsoft Outage: What You Should Do Now

crash folder

One computer glitch halted almost an entire planet just recently. In an era where our lives are intertwined with technology, can people survive without computers? This question loomed large on July 19, when a global Microsoft 365 outage disrupted critical services worldwide, affecting airlines, financial institutions, government offices, healthcare systems and facilities, and more. This  could […]

Core Banking Systems – Today and Tomorrow

Bank symbol

Reliable, Modern, Efficient? Not All of Them In the rapidly evolving landscape of the financial industry, core banking systems play a pivotal role in driving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and ensuring regulatory compliance. In this article, we explore the evolution of core banking technology, examine the leading vendors in the market, and provide valuable […]

Decoding Sprinterra: Unveiling the Story Behind Our Name and Evolution

programming team people men woman

Seventeen years ago, our company founders started with a simple but bold idea: to redefine what a tech company could be. From our early days as DIO-SOFT to the vibrant identity we embrace as Sprinterra today, our evolution is more than just a name change—it’s about how we’ve grown, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the […]

Sprinterra’s Spectacular Start to 2024: Innovation and Expansion Across the Globe

New year 2024 concept. Text 2024 written on the road in the middle of asphalt road with at sunset. Concept of planning, goal, challenge, new year resolution.

Only a few weeks have passed since we welcomed 2024, yet Sprinterra has made significant strides, showcasing our tech expertise and innovative solutions at the top industry events. “We set the tone for a year of growth and achievements,” said Sprinterra’s COO, Eugene Volynsky, commenting on our company’s presence at major industry forums in the […]

Maximizing Your Business Efficiency with Sprinterra: Your Trusted Acumatica Customization and Integration Partner

In the vast world of enterprise resource planning (ERP) choices, Acumatica stands out as a versatile and powerful platform, renowned for its adaptability and user-centric design. However, unlocking the full potential of Acumatica often hinges on expert customization and seamless integration. This is where Sprinterra emerges as a pivotal player, offering unparalleled expertise in Acumatica’s […]

A Word from Our CEO, Igor Severinovskiy

Happy Holidays

My dear fellow Sprinterrians, Today is the last working day of the year and on behalf of Eugene and myself I want to wish all of you a very Happy  New Year. Despite the challenges of the year, your resilience, perseverance and success shine brightly pushing Sprinterra to the new heights. All of you are a great […]

AI-Powered Tool to Improve Compliance & Sanctions Screening Process in Banking


In 2023, U.S. banks faced over $33 million in fines for sanctions violations. Financial institutions encounter challenges in sanctions screening for various reasons, including outdated sanction lists and backlogged governmental reports.  Recognizing these challenges, Sprinterra has developed a prototype of an AI-powered sanctions screening tool, the AI WatchList Chat, designed to improve and streamline this crucial […]

Unlocking Growth with Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS): A Business Game Changer

In the digitized corridors of modern business, software stands as the spine of growth, a silent but potent force driving agility, efficiency, and service quality. It is the unseen fulcrum on which the leverage of opportunity pivots, transforming operational landscapes across industries. Within the beating heart of every software application lies a suite of backend […]

Top Banking & Financial Software Development Companies

In 1918, the financial landscape was forever altered with the introduction of the first electronic fund transfer. This marked the beginning of an era where financial institutions began to evolve hand-in-hand with the burgeoning fields of communication and the internet. This union of technology and finance promised enhanced efficiency, reach, and security. Fast forward to […]

Sprinterra Reinforces Its Commitment to Excellence, Building the Future Together with Acumatica

In a reaffirmation of its pivotal role within the tech industry, Sprinterra announces its reinforced partnership with Acumatica, highlighting a shared journey characterized by notable achievements, innovative solutions, and a future-forward mindset. Known for its profound expertise, particularly in handling complex integrations and development projects, Sprinterra stands out as a trusted development partner in the […]

The Digital Revolution in Banking: 8 Key Drivers of Change

Digital banking

The banking industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation. From customer experiences to back-end processes, technology is disrupting how banks operate and deliver value. What are the key factors propelling this digital revolution in the banking sector? Changing Customer Expectations Today’s customers expect seamless, unified digital banking services accessible whenever and wherever they want. They […]

The Future of Money: The Latest Trends in Banking Software Development

Crystal clear glass glove dollar sign euro

The digital era has brought forth a wave of innovation that has fundamentally transformed various sectors, and banking is no exception. Banking Software Development Companies are at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to redefine how financial services function. In this blog, we explore some of the latest trends shaping the banking industry, […]