Sprinterra Leadership: Nataliia Iashchuk, Chief Delivery Officer

An Integral Pillar of Sprinterra

Nataliia stands tall as a pivotal figure in Sprinterra’s Leadership. With over 18 years of industry experience, Ms. Iashchuk’s passion for results is evident in the way she seamlessly coordinates intricate project plans and executes strategies. Prior to joining Sprinterra, GlobalLogic benefited from Nataliia’s unwavering dedication and skills. Nataliia holds Master’s degree in Electronics from the National Aviation University in Kyiv. 

Today she lives in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, her favorite city in the entire world. Nataliia and her husband are passionate travelers. They indulge in city strolls, mountain treks, and tennis games. Nataliia’s ventures often lead her into exploring diverse cultures and languages.

Nataliia Iashchuk Chief Delivery Officer

Life in Kyiv Amidst Conflict

When asked about the challenges of living and working in a country under military assault, Nataliia recalls the harrowing times in February of 2022, when Ukraine was attacked by the Kremlin regime.

“The word ‘shocked’ scarcely captures our emotions. While some were paralyzed with disbelief, others were shattered, weeping and praying endlessly. Despite our anticipation, the grim reality was hard to accept.”

In the midst of chaos, Nataliia and her husband tirelessly supported friends, family, and colleagues, including her extended Sprinterra family. Kyiv now seems to be reclaiming some semblance of normality. While the scars of war remain, the resilient spirit of its residents shines brighter. This resolute spirit is also mirrored in Sprinterra’s performance. Delivering projects timely and maintaining seamless client communication is their way of bolstering Ukraine’s economy amidst the adversities.

What steered you to Sprinterra?

NATALIIA: “A serendipitous twist,” she shares. Feeling stagnant at her previous job, she sought a place to leverage her expertise, refine her skills, and undergo both professional and personal growth. “Joining Sprinterra was like finding a new family. Our collaborative ethos, the trust we place in each other, and the unwavering support from management make it a workplace like no other. I’m proud to be a part of this dynamic team and am eternally grateful for the opportunities and camaraderie.”


How Do You Juggle Working Across Global Timelines?

On working for clients several time zones away, Nataliia explains, “The global nature of our work does stretch our working hours. However, at Sprinterra, well-being is a priority. We’re encouraged not to exceed eight-hour workdays. With adept time management skills, I navigate New York or Los Angeles time zones without a hitch.”

The experience of remote working during the Covid lockdown proved beneficial. Nataliia adds, “The comfort of home, coupled with the saved commuting time, allows for relaxation and family time. It’s the epitome of a work-life balance.”

What differentiates Sprinterra from a vast sea of software development firms?

Sprinterra Team in Kyiv

NATALIIA: “It’s our tight-knit ethos and unwavering support framework. As we expand and welcome new talents, we simultaneously roll out innovative guidelines to ensure employee well-being. Our relentless pursuit is to sculpt an environment where everyone ardently contributes to our collective success. Empowering our team with cutting-edge tools and challenging problem-solving avenues are central to our ethos.

Our client-centric approach deviates from the norm. Instead of viewing our clients merely as customers, we regard them as indispensable partners. Their insights are invaluable, and their triumphs are our crowning glories. Our symbiotic relationship ensures mutual growth and prosperity.

The driving force behind each project is our deep-rooted commitment to fully grasp our client’s vision, their unique requisites, and subsequently architect objectives and timelines. Our paramount aim? To not just meet, but exceed client expectations.” 


Nataliia's Favorite Projects

Choosing a favorite from our vast portfolio is no easy task for Nataliia. She confides, “Every Sprinterra project is special to me.” She fondly recalls a groundbreaking venture within the Entertainment industry, where the Sprinterra’s team masterminded a pioneering piracy-prevention software. In the Financial sector, a significant undertaking saw Sprinterra deploying an advanced big data solution. This endeavor aimed at amplifying employee efficiency and streamlining financial operations, leveraging technological marvels like AI and ML.

Nataliia’s enthusiasm is palpable when discussing projects related to Acumatica. “Given our esteemed association as a partner and a prominent participant of the Acumatica Development Network, projects involving Acumatica always hold a special place in my heart.”

Guidance for Potential Sprinterra Team Members

NATALIIA: “To those looking to join our Sprinterra family, I offer this advice: Embrace proactivity, act swiftly, shoulder responsibility, and above all, revel in your work. Passion for what you do is quintessential; without it, our joint journey might fall short of its potential. At Sprinterra, every newcomer is greeted with open arms and warm hearts. We expect the same in return — approach every challenge and every colleague with an open mind and a kind spirit.”