Lesia Vlashchuk

Lesia was born in the town of Bucha on the outskirts of Kyiv, which was hardly known to anyone outside Ukraine until recently. Her family left the city after the massacre. Lesia’s sister didn’t return home, but her mom is now back in Bucha.

But that is life in today’s Ukraine: people adapt, clean up, move on, fight, and go to work. Music helps, says Lesia, who has played piano since she was a little girl. Lesia had interviewed over THREE THOUSAND (yes, 3000) people for dozens of positions since she joined Sprinterra in 2020, amidst what was “the worst year ever” (if only we’d known what to come in February of 2022!).

Lesia always knew she wanted to work with people. She is a very patient and a good listener, outgoing, and fun to hang out with, her countless friends say.

Lesia loves baking but prefers chocolate to pastry; she prefers dogs to cats but doesn’t have a pet yet. Lesia is not afraid of dentists and heights. Her record is reaching the top of the famous Mount Kazbek, which is about 5,000 meters above sea level. But for her next vacation, she’d prefer to visit Iceland or the UK, where she has never been. Lesia enjoys seeing new places and learning about new cultures.

Lesia Vlashchuk
Lesia Vlashchuk

Working with Sprinterra allows Lesia to meet lots of new people from all over the world and expand her horizons. Furthermore, working with Sprinterra gives her and her Ukrainian team hopes for a better tomorrow.

Like Lesia, the Ukrainian people are open-hearted, resilient, and brave.

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