Is your company or organization experiencing growing pains? When you need to add new staff members to handle increased orders, seasonal demand, or heavier workloads, searching for new employees and evaluating existing employees to fill these open positions can be daunting.

As a recruiter, department head, or HR manager, here are some of the issues that you must address throughout the prescreening and hiring process:

For ease and efficiency, understanding each team member’s strengths and capabilities streamlines workflow. Using preliminary screening helps managers who need to make informed decisions about who is best suited to handle projects efficiently and skillfully. Your business reputation depends on it!

Items to consider

Certification Certification serves as proof that the candidate has successfully trained and tested their understanding, knowledge, and skills to implement a project successfully. 

Existing Candidates – A resume database that contains all potential candidates’ information is invaluable for recruiters and HR managers when searching for talent to add to the project team. 

Surveys – Gathering employee feedback at the hiring stage and throughout their employment provides valuable insights. Ideally, this survey should document the employee’s initial set of experiences when joining the company, his skillset or experience at the time, what he learned, and final thoughts. Surveys help everyone improve and are relevant for new hires. The information gathered can help identify specialists in the existing candidate database who the company doesn’t employ. 

Survey Team Member Interviews – Survey team interviews empower team members and leaders to ask candidates pertinent questions to assess their skills and experience. Leadership skills, willingness to help, and perseverance are all worthy traits of potential candidates.

application development nycIt’s crucial to conduct a specialized survey to ensure the candidate has the technical skills, certification, and eagerness to acquire further technical knowledge. Observation, independent evaluation, performance reviews, and work ethic are all relevant for HR managers to assess employees already working. It’s worth noting any outside pursuits, such as participating in training programs, industry conferences, or other activities such as maintaining a personal blog on professional topics, writing profile articles, or being active in discussions on related subjects.

The development of technical literature and information is also relevant to confirm the candidate is ready to develop independently. Successful candidates excel at taking a structured and systematic approach to acquiring new skills, knowledge, and abilities. Having a strong desire and motivation to learn and improve oneself and the desire and ability to share experiences with colleagues is also extremely important. 

Based on this information and employee assessment, it’s possible to conclude how well the candidate will handle new or ongoing projects. 

Determining Professional Skills 

A primary tool in determining the professional skills of a software specialist is the technical interview. This interview covers the relevant experience on past or current projects the potential candidate possesses. 

Therefore, to recruit a specialist for a new project, it is necessary to consider the previous experience in projects and the scope of needed development for the task at hand. Having experience in related technologies and specializations can be extremely beneficial in problem-solving when a specialist takes on a new project. 

When choosing a software specialist, there are no hard and fast rules. However, having inside insights and knowledge can save HR managers and recruiters a significant amount of time by shortlisting and prequalifying potential candidates who are likely to fit the bill. 

The most favorable outcome is a comprehensive, diverse, and more efficient approach to candidate screening and selection by streamlining these processes.

If you could use a hand in setting up software and processes to efficiently identify the skills employees need to work on your projects, please get in touch with the software specialists at Sprinterra.

Yuriy Muzychyn
March 2021

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