Outsourcing crucial work and collaborating with third-party project managers is easier than ever and is redefining how companies operate. No longer is an enterprise stuck with pulling from a talent pool culled from the local geographic area. Now, they quickly scan the world to find the best companies and strategic partners for their business. All of this transformation only happens; however, when communication between the two firms is top-notch.

Efficient communication is paramount for successful projects; it is especially true for the IT world where the customers may not speak the same language as IT professionals. It’s also the case when working with development teams from other countries, which is becoming more commonplace. Even in companies that speak the same native language, one side may not be fluent in IT and development jargon, which creates an imbalance.

Smooth Communications Help Create Winning Projects

Outsourced projects go wrong when communication breaks down. In the worst cases, it results in wasted time, frustration, and lost opportunities. Poor communication also has the unwanted effect of creating misperceptions between the company and the vendor. That’s why we strive for the highest level of effective communications with our clients. Successful outsourced project communication requires four foundational elements:

If any of the four areas lack, it presents a problem for the overall usefulness of communications. That’s why it’s vital to strive for achieving high marks across the full spectrum of criteria. Anything that disrupts communication is something to avoid at all costs. It will slow down development and bring the team grinding to a halt.

We Make Smooth Communications a Top Priority

At Sprinterra, we are genuinely aware of these issues that potentially plague projects or limit their potential. That’s why we pay the most significant attention to proper communication.

We assign representatives to work with our customers to avoid these pitfalls and to serves as a single point of contact who is knowledgeable about every element of the assignment. Working daily with a dedicated rep builds trust and ensures ideal communications. We carefully evaluate different communication venues for each customer and employ the most reliable one.

We’re always happy to explain all the technical terms to our customers. We go over the material as many times as needed to make sure everyone is on the same page. We also follow up after all of our meetings with a short written summary. If you’re looking to expand your capabilities by collaborating with a leading outsourced software developer, speak with one of our representatives today.

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