Celebrate Ukraine’s Independence Day With Sprinterra

Ukrainian Flag Child

18 Months of Astounding Resilience: Sprinterra Marches On Despite the War Ukraine has a deep-rooted tradition of tech leadership Did you know that the first computer in continental Europe, MESM (Ukrainian: MEOM, Мала Електронна Обчислювальна Машина;  ‘Small Electronic Calculating Machine’), was built in Kyiv in 1950? While Moscow portrayed this as a collective “Soviet” achievement, […]

Interactive Brokers trading platform case study

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Challenge Our client is working with the Interactive Brokers trading platform to monitor financial markets and open positions each day. To streamline these operations, they needed an application to audit the positions and automate security trading flows based on a proprietary algorithm and custom rule sets. Approach To meet the client’s objectives, Sprinterra assembled a […]