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Remote work has gained ground and became a go-to option for many companies around the world. One enormous advantage is that during a global pandemic or any other emergency, working from home keeps businesses running and everyone safer. 

For many businesses and employees, the adjustment has been challenging. Regular routines and human interactions get disrupted. Fortunately, technology fills the void and makes collaborating from remote locations very straight forward. Teams are settled into new patterns, resulting in even better productivity and executives took a notice. Twitter, Square, Shopify, and a large number of leading companies have stated that remote work is here to stay indefinitely.

Now Is the Time for Effective and Rational Management

Successful companies always need to preserve their core while extending their client base and keeping their employees productive and satisfied. Fortunately, with modern technology and the proper mindset, those objectives are achievable in remote work setup by any management team.

How to Set up for Remote Working Success

With the right technologies and productivity tools in place, transition to remote work should not be complicated. Here are key takeaways to consider for all employees working remotely:

Communication Is the Key to Achieving Remote Worker Success

Communication is the foundation of unbeaten teams.

Emails and text messages are a poor substitute for in-person interaction, in many cases much more productive solution is a quick phone or video conference call. One of the cornerstones for team strength is physical engagement between members, seeing people’s faces and hearing their voices builds trust and rapport.

Even when the team members are in separate locations, it’s possible to build close-knit atmosphere:

– Encouraging small talk and jokes are excellent ways to keep the conversation flowing naturally.

– Incorporating team building activities help boost morale and keep everyone working together seamlessly. 

– Keeping all team members informed about what’s happening within the company is reassuring and helps to decrease stress level.


These are challenging times, but they bring people together in unlikely ways. Adversity has a way of testing resilience and flexibility. 

The team at Sprinterra is always here to help you create the technologies to improve your processes and productivity. No matter what you need to accomplish, we help you implement a robust software. Please contact us now to find out how we can assist in streamlining your operations.

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