Is a custom system right for you?

Real estate companies find themselves working in an increasingly dynamic, ever-changing and highly competitive environment. To stay ahead of the competition, these companies must utilize large amounts of available information to recognize potential opportunities, identify prospects and close deals.

Lease management software has helped real estate companies beat out their competitors with the help of multi-level lease tracking solutions; however, not all systems are created equally. Property management companies have a choice to either buy an out of the box solution or build a customized solution that fits their specific needs.

On the surface, an out of the box solution may seem like the easier, less expensive option. However, companies that purchase out of the box solutions may end up spending countless hours wasting both time and money in an effort to not only adjust the software, but also adjust their processes to fit the software. Add in useless “extra features” that you still have to pay for, and what seemed like the easier and less expensive solution turns into a time consuming, money hungry project. There is a better way.

Developing your company’s own customized solution may not only cost less than traditional out of the box subscriptions, but because it’s specifically designed for your company, no time is wasted adjusting to the system. Sprinterra’ s customized lease management software solutions provide your company with the opportunity to create a system that’s exclusively designed with your unique requirements in mind. Our customized lease management software transforms the way your company works by supporting the entire leasing lifecycle on one platform, shortening the time it takes for property owners and managers to convert a prospect into a lease execution.

Sprinterra is committed to remaining at the forefront of the industry, with a strong focus on successfully transitioning real estate companies to the latest technologies. With Sprinterra’ s approach to lease management software, companies are able to stay ahead of the ever-evolving market by equipping themselves with all the necessary tools so their businesses can thrive.

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