Cybersecurity has undergone a sea change over the past decade as many companies find themselves under almost constant attack from an array of increasingly skillful and experienced criminals. 

Some experts estimate the cybercrime cost to enterprises at more than $10.5 trillion annually by 2025 in theft, lost productivity, and recovery costs. Britain’s cybersecurity unit has reported a record crackdown on internet scams after tackling more than 2.7 million attempted frauds, including extortion emails and corporate data breaches. It is nearly a fourfold increase since 2020.

“The protection of data has to be at the heart of any business,” says Igor Severinovskiy, the co-founder of Sprinterra, a US-Ukrainian software development agency with global outreach and a focus on the Financial Sector. “Before the new cloud era, security was a relatively simple concept,” admits Severinovskiy. “You had a computer or server where everything was stored. Speaking figuratively, it was just one ‘entrance’ point for hackers or cybercriminals. Today, companies move and store massive amounts of data in multiple public and private clouds. On top of that, each has a myriad of end-user gadgets such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.” In other words, that creates an entire field of so-called “endpoints” that need protection. “Thus, there is an increasing need for experienced data management and security practitioners. When Sprinterra’s experts build customized software systems, we simultaneously design and strengthen security operations. Our clients need fewer vendors as a result.”

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While there are no universal solutions for cybersecurity, your company’s security framework should be tailored to fit your unique requirements. Today, many organizations are overwhelmed by data floods as it pours in from every conceivable direction. On top of securing this vital information, companies should have a clear picture of who owns and controls it and how it’s being used at every single moment.

“We provide our customers with various solutions, including a flexible platform that adapts to their current security ecosystem,” comments Eugene Volynsky, Sprinterra‘s COO. “It could also be integrated with third-party platforms, providing better time-to-value than other software development companies.”

If you’re not sure how to make sense of your data, Sprinterra’s experts can help. “We offer full-cycle development services using the Agile Methodology to provide powerful business intelligence (BI) tools and post-production support,” says Volynsky, adding that Sprinterra’s solutions enable clients to turn data into dollars. 

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Below is an example of Sprinterra’s recent project with a globally recognized financial and media corporation headquartered in New York.

Business Challenge

Managing loads of data from multiple internal/external systems along with security master issues was causing sluggish response times and duplicate records. Looking to increase productivity, this organization sought out a solution that could manage billions of records without impacting performance. Additionally, this customer wanted something that would enable the company to extract information quickly while integrating with existing applications.


Sprinterra’s team helped by developing a fully customized software to manage data 10x more efficiently and 100 percent more consistently. By switching from a traditional relational database to a graph database, the company has increased productivity by effectively managing billions of records at higher speeds. The graph database also provided a simple, user-friendly data retrieval process, making it easier to accomplish various complex tasks. 


Are you ready to try a new approach to data management and security? Sprinterra is.

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