The Move Away from Legacy ERPs

In recent years, ERP systems have become a competitive differentiator in every facet of business. However—not all solutions are created equal. According to Gartner Research, executives have expressed real concern about the lack of flexibility in their business applications portfolio that they now define legacy software as, “Any system that is not sufficiently flexible to meet changing business needs.” Under this definition, Gartner says that heavily customized ERP implementations are very much at the forefront of the next wave of legacy systems.

Businesses looking to improve administration today are taking to the cloud. There, they can take advantage of lower costs, better functional fit and process flexibility offered by blending cloud applications with on-premises applications. This is the new era of ERP, being referred to by Gartner as postmodern ERP—and those jumping on board have a lot to look forward to.

Flexible, Scalable and Adaptable

The impact of cloud-based ERP solutions, combined with strong growth in business process outsourcing, provides ample alternatives for users frustrated by inflexible and expensive ERP systems. Not only are modern ERP solutions highly flexible, they can integrate with existing applications and data sources—so you’re not stuck re-creating the wheel.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Leveraging cloud based solutions like Acumatica, businesses gain a complete, real time view of their business from any browser or mobile device.  According to the Aberdeen Group, businesses with cloud-based ERP solutions are 59% more likely than those with an on-premise solution to have real-time visibility into the status of all processes.

Cost Effective

According to Gartner, early ERP adopters are paying the penalty of a decade or more of excessive customization. In a recent report released by the Aberdeen Group, businesses with cloud-based ERP solutions saw a 15% improvement in profit margins over the past two years, in comparison to an 8% improvement for those with on-premise solutions.

With many unique advantages, modern ERP has reached a point where a significant number of organizations are strongly considering it for their next ERP deployment. With improved collaboration, decision-making agility and enhanced scalability—businesses taking to the cloud have a lot to look forward too.

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