Streamlined Loan Re-underwriting Process through Advanced Web Solution


An independent financial services firm, specializing in structured credit, complex asset valuation, enterprise risk, and regulatory compliance, was grappling with the aftermath of the 2007-2008 financial crisis. The firm's clients were involved in numerous legal disputes that required a rigorous review of risk and exposure to credit-related securities. This tedious process involved answering hundreds of interconnected questions and called for a solution capable of setting up and managing varying questionnaire workflows and providing aggregated information in a single output.


The client was burdened with a manual questionnaire activity process, which was not only time-consuming but also fraught with risk. Furthermore, they lacked modules for automatic calculations based on previously entered data. The challenge was to deliver a sophisticated yet accessible web solution that would facilitate a straightforward loan re-underwriting process, from creating questionnaires to generating high-quality, consistent, and repeatable reports.


Sprinterra partnered with the client to develop a comprehensive web application. This solution handled the full process, from data loading and questionnaire creation to report production. The custom-built modules included document recognition and management, configurable workflows, and a proprietary loan-level rating system. All these features enabled the client to have a precise understanding of their clients' assets, portfolios, and associated risks. The implemented solution was a cloud-based platform that facilitated forensic research, valuation, and risk analysis of client portfolios from every possible perspective. It supported multiple projects and use cases, with every object type receiving a suitable workflow. Each project was monitored by an assigned manager who could control users, object types, workflows, questionnaires, and other project-related items. The system allowed for complex workflows, offering power users diverse submission and sign-off processes. Specific user assignment rules ensured that each user navigated through the relevant workflow status. Administrators could create and edit questionnaires, while other roles, like Underwriters, could upload data, fill in questionnaires, and run reports. The system's security was bolstered by limiting access to only those granted by the Administrator. The questionnaire system included several advanced features. Underwriters could add quotations to answers, there were repeatable forms, and the system could use custom blocks of questions depending on previous answers. The solution also allowed for sophisticated expressions per question and automatic calculations, with manual adjustment options. Moreover, users could import answers from third-party sources, and the results of questionnaires could be shared across different projects.



The platform was built using state-of-the-art technologies, including Microsoft .NET 4.0, Microsoft ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC3, Microsoft WCF services, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and Jira/Confluence, designed to provide a robust, secure, and efficient solution for the client's complex re-underwriting needs.

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