Seamless Logistics Integration: Elevating Acumatica's ERP with WorkWave

Client: A software and IT solutions company

Project Timeline: 6-12 months


A software and IT solutions company sought Sprinterra's expertise to seamlessly integrate Acumatica ERP with WorkWave, a leading cloud-based field service management solution.


The task was to harmonize WorkWave's Route Manager with Acumatica's ERP, enabling a more comprehensive service suite for job estimation, mobile worker scheduling, routing, and customer servicing and billing. The integration had to allow for route optimization, resulting in enhanced logistics operations and reduced operational costs.


Sprinterra integrated the Route Manager module into Acumatica's ERP, facilitating easy customization for each customer. Sales orders created in Acumatica could now sync with shipment data from WorkWave, including information like pictures, signatures, notes, and delivery time slots. Sprinterra's developers also custom-designed additional screens, tabs, and reports in the Sales Order process, and implemented a shipment summary page and Proof of Delivery (POD) report to monitor delivery statuses and address issues effectively.