Smart Automation: Sprinterra Workflow Solution for Interactive Brokers Trading Platform

Client: An Independent trader

Timeline: 4 months


Sprinterra was tasked with enhancing the client's trading operations on the Interactive Brokers platform. The objective was to develop a solution that could audit positions and automate trading flows effectively, utilizing proprietary algorithms and custom rule sets.


The client needed a sophisticated tool to streamline their trading operations, which included the efficient auditing of positions and the automation of trading flows. The existing manual processes were time-consuming and prone to errors, necessitating a more efficient, automated solution.


Sprinterra assembled a team with extensive financial industry experience and employed a methodical development approach, utilizing 1-week sprints for rapid feedback and iterations. The team delivered a comprehensive web application that enabled:


Technologies Used

.NET, Bootstrap, JavaScript (JS), Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL), Interactive Brokers API

Sketch of an interactive API