Integrating a PLM Solution into Acumatica's ERP

Client: A software and IT solutions company

Project’s Timeline: 6-12 months


A software and IT solutions company engaged Sprinterra to integrate a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution into Acumatica ERP. This integration aimed to expedite the design, production, and delivery of innovative products for customers in various industries, including high tech, consumer electronics, and medical devices.


The main challenge was to merge Acumatica's ERP with the client's PLM solution seamlessly, enabling engineering, quality, and manufacturing teams to adopt a fully connected approach throughout new product development and introduction. The goal was to improve the flow of product information from PLM to ERP, thus giving Acumatica's clients a strategic edge in delivering solutions rapidly and fostering continual innovation.


Sprinterra's team implemented an Integration Setup page in Acumatica's ERP, leveraging technologies like Microsoft.NET, C#, and Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform. This setup allowed users to link their accounts, establish and test the connectivity between the PLM solution and Acumatica, and select the objects to be synced and shared between the two systems. Custom categories and entities from the PLM solution were processed and created in Acumatica, minimizing errors during stock item management.