Instant Title Look up and Closing Protection Process Automation App for Real Estate Professionals

Client: Real Estate Professional Association

Timeline: 18 months


A Real Estate Professional Association envisioned an online portal to redefine title services and revolutionize the real estate closing process from start to finish. The new comprehensive platform should empower buyers, sellers, Realtors, Title Agents, Underwriters, Lenders, Investors, and Vendors, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience.


The challenge was to develop a cutting-edge web-based platform that encompasses a wide range of features for Real Estate professionals. This platform needed to offer Online Title Research and Ordering with instant results, Title Clearing, State-specific Compliance, automated document generation, and precise calculations for title, closing, insurance, and recording fees. The ultimate goal was to safeguard against any potential losses arising from defective titles.


Sprinterra developed a transformative cloud-based closing and title-processing platform that places a seamless customer experience at the forefront. The newly created app addresses the most complicated aspects of the real estate settlement process. By blending cutting-edge technology with a user-centric approach, the app empowers users to navigate the complexities of real estate with ease, efficiency, and confidence. The platform seamlessly integrates third party APIs, enhancing property due diligence, and simplifying the process of issuing closing protection letters and policy jackets.

Key Features:


TITLE SPRINT TITLESPRINT TITLE_SPRINT Web development UI/UX Workflow/Documentation