Efficient Actuate to Jaspersoft Transition for Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Client: Financial Services


Financial organizations require a strong IT foundation to manage numerous reporting options effectively. The client's outdated Actuate system was becoming expensive due to its proprietary nature and unfavorable licensing costs.


The client sought Sprinterra's expertise to convert from Actuate to Jaspersoft and migrate to a cloud-based solution to meet their ongoing needs. The primary requirement was to ensure that the end-user received the same or improved functionality compared to the previous system.


Sprinterra specialists, in close collaboration with the client, designed an Actuate to Jaspersoft transition plan. Initially, the conversion process required a manual approach, with each report being converted individually, including all designs and formulas. However, due to the large number of reports and their varying complexity, this approach was time-consuming. After analyzing the existing system and the cost of conversion, Sprinterra developed an automation tool to streamline the conversion process. Utilizing technologies such as ANTLR and Java, Sprinterra delivered a solution that automatically converted Actuate or PowerBuilder reports to the Jaspersoft platform, significantly reducing the project's completion time and overall cost.