Custom Loyalty Program Software / Application Development


Sprinterra undertook a transformative project for an Eastern European retail network. The aim was to create a unified, efficient, and user-friendly customer loyalty program software, to replace the numerous disparate programs each business had developed independently.


Without a standardized customer relationship management (CRM) system, each business within the network managed its own loyalty program. This lack of a common database obstructed the implementation of effective customer engagement strategies. The goal was to provide a solution that would not only streamline the loyalty programs but also offer the flexibility and functionality required to tailor marketing approaches effectively.


Sprinterra developed an advanced customer loyalty program software that consolidated various programs into a single platform. Using a straightforward web application, the client could amalgamate a myriad of marketing approaches under one loyalty policy. This solution offered a shared database that was accessible to any authorized user, storing comprehensive information about customers, and enabling the creation and analysis of consumer profiles for targeted offers and rewards. Moreover, the software provided the flexibility to create individual or joint campaigns, and supported various promotional strategies including personal discounts, purchase bonuses, and gifts.


Technologies Used

The solution was designed using .Net, MVC, jQuery, and Restful Services, ensuring a robust, responsive, and user-friendly platform.

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