Cloud-based Digital Asset Management SaaS platform

Client: IT & Software / Digital Platform

Timeline: 2.5 months


Our client , a sub-contractor for California Closets, runs an image management platform - a digital gallery for storing and managing custom-designed product images. It allows users to name and tag the pictures and share them with customers while enabling company admins to control and publish the images on the website.


The challenge was to create a platform that allows users to securely store, effortlessly retrieve, and easily share photographs or images with other clients/customers. The admin needed to be in control of the publishing process for the images on the website.


Sprinterra worked closely with the client to develop a cloud-based, multi-tenant web platform for image management, accessible on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. The platform consists of an Admin Panel, where users can upload images and define categories and subcategories to describe the products, and a Web-Portal, which serves as a user-friendly website for searching images and files using defined parameters. Delivered as a SaaS platform, the solution offers the potential for commercial benefits by selling the software to other interested businesses. The technologies used for the project include WordPress, Angular, and web application support for mobile and laptop devices.


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