Automation Transformed a Jewelry Retailer's Operations

Client: Retail

Project’s Timeline: 6 months, ongoing support


Our client is a New York City-based jewelry retailer managing a large inventory of precious gems, including diamonds, engagement rings, and other types of jewelry. Previously, inventory management and order processing were handled through numerous spreadsheets and forms, resulting in time-consuming tasks, errors, and data inconsistencies.


Develop a solution to automate the jewelry selling process, including inventory and client management, work order and invoicing management, and automation of internal processes.


Sprinterra developed a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution from scratch, consisting of several modules that support separate business processes while interacting and exchanging data seamlessly. Key components of the system include an automated work order flow that streamlines order processing from creation to delivery, with tracking of payments and work order status; new inventory management and accounting reports offer valuable financial insights for better decision-making. A new event calendar enhances team collaboration and coordination. A newly added feature of flexible user management allows the creation of custom roles and the assignment of various access levels.


Lauren-B Web development CRM/ERP Magento UI/UX