ATM Management Solution

Client: ATM Management Company (US)

Project’s Timeline: 6 months


Our client, an ATM management company, was in need of a solution to gather and reconcile vaulting data from multiple sources more efficiently. Their existing workflow, which involved numerous manual steps, such as obtaining information from multiple vaulters, manually reconciling data using Excel against data received from banks and third-party ATM reporting tools, required significant improvements.


The primary challenge was to develop an intuitive and user-friendly system for vaulters in the field who have limited time. Additionally, the client required a solution that would improve planning processes, simplify communication of planned transactions to vaulters, and streamline information gathering from third-party sources.


Sprinterra proposed ATM Vaults, a fully automated solution for ATM management. The project was accomplished in several phases, beginning with a list of ATMs for manual input and evolving into a weekly vaulting plan that facilitated easy one-click reporting. The vaulting plan helped managers improve planning processes and simplify communication with vaulters. To address the challenge of gathering information from third-party sources, an ETL process was developed to parse incoming files from an FTP location and load the data into the ATM Vaults database. Sprinterra has developed a forecasting model based on historical data, which improved vaulter planning and made it even more convenient for end users.