An AI-based Financial Planning System

Client: FinTech Company (Europe)

Project’s Timeline: 12 months + ongoing developing and upgrades


Austrian FinTech company asked Sprinterra to develop a financial planning system that could manage liquidity, cash flow, and invoice tracking for small and midsize businesses. The goal was to create a sophisticated web solution with intuitive interface that could integrate with multiple banks and financial institutions, while also providing a flexible reporting module.


Sprinterra had to create a scalable AI-based solution for two connected yet separate platforms, web and mobile. The system also required a seamless API integration with multiple banks and financial institutions, in order to provide forecasting solutions. Users had to collaborate with their team members and have multiple access points. The client requested a flexible reporting module, and various dashboards.


The first step was to collaborate with the client’s team and build a prototype to demonstrate the app’s features to investors. The second step included the MVP phase, where Sprinterra's Business Analysts examined scenarios, tested usability, functional workflows, security, and communication options. The third step was a full-fledged SaaS platform with breadth of functionality and user-friendly features.

Results: Innovative App

A user-friendly cloud-based cash flow management web and mobile app that simplifies financial management for businesses. The system is intuitive and easy to navigate. Customizable templates enable effortless planning and monitoring from any access point. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users, ensuring seamless financial management on the go.


Web development UI/UX Mobile Commitly