A Comprehensive Retirement Forecasting Tool

Client: Wealth Management Company (US)

Project’s Timeline: 6+ months


Our client is a SEC-registered investment adviser and investment manager that specializes in derivatives. The firm leverages technology, data, experience and proprietary strategies to craft products and services for advisors and individual investors. With expertise in option trading, volatility, and risk management the Company offers portfolio management, financial planning, and consulting services. Their unique investment strategies are designed to help investors successfully navigate volatile and uncertain markets. Our client has been working on their online presence for several years, but was using outdated third party tools for asset projections which they had to manually incorporate in their strategies.


Replace outdated third-party tools for asset projections and create a custom investment growth simulator that could cater to both potential investors and investment advisors. The project required a two-module solution comprising an interactive investment growth simulator and a portfolio builder. The investment growth simulator needed to enable users to calculate risks based on various factors, such as age, assets, planned retirement date, estimated social security payments, and more. The portfolio builder had to provide users with real-time strategy allocations and the flexibility to adjust them as per their preferences.


Sprinterra focused on delivering a solution with a high-quality user experience and interface. The investment growth simulator incorporated a wizard-type layout, showcasing a clear step-by-step process, an improved starting step UX, and an optimized layout for the retirement calculator. This approach allowed users to view live results and modify input data for better projections. For the financial portfolio builder, Sprinterra implemented a wizard-type layout that included a step-by-step process and the option to export reports in PDF format for email sharing. This feature provided users with an interactive way to visualize strategy allocations and adjust them according to their preferences.