As the threat of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to spread across the world, it’s imperative for businesses and organizations to actively monitor the situation for the health, safety, and wellbeing of employees, and society at large. 

Creating or updating a business continuity plan that can adapt according to circumstances as they develop helps your company stay operational during troubled times.

Even if your business operations haven’t been interrupted, and everything is “work as usual,” having a contingency plan helps to ensure preparedness in the event the situation deteriorates. 

For software development companies, readiness for conditions that could potentially disrupt normal in-person operations include:

In addition to enforcing a remote work environment, other common-sense precautions that companies and organizations can implement include:

Advantages Of Having A Business Continuity Plan

The goal of a business continuity program is to manage disruption in business. For many, any disruption to operations results in lost revenues and added expenses that weigh heavily on balance sheets and business viability.

A business continuity plan helps companies to address four core issues relevant to any emergency. The four core topics of a comprehensive continuity plan include a business impact analysis, recovery strategies, plan development, and exercises to test the integrity of the system.

A continuity program systematically addresses nearly all variables that could potentially impact operations that are outside of direct control. 

At Sprinterra, the safety and security of our employees is the utmost priority, and our Business Continuity plan should help us and our clients to be ready for whatever comes next in the COVID-19 timeline. 

During this uncertain time, we’ll maintain open communications with senior staff, in-house and remote employees, and valued clients. While we maintain optimism for the best possible outcome and swift passage of the threat, we’re ready for the worst.

Further, we’re fully-staffed and accessible to provide ongoing support to existing customers, as well as establish new business relationships with organizations and companies. If you’re currently operating without a contingency plan in place, now is the ideal time to protect your interests.  Going forward, we’ll continue to monitor the situation and adjust our plans accordingly if required. Our clients should rest assured – Sprinterra will maintain services, and help you to pursue yours, even in the direst circumstances.

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