Acumatica always strives to improve its product by incorporating collaborations with other various market products. One of such opportunities was to integrate the WorkWave route optimization module called Route Manager into the system. Previously Sprinterra already worked with integrating UPS and FedEx into the Acumatica ERP System, and it was time for another step.

WorkWave is a service management solutions company that helps mobile workforce companies in the field of service, transportation and logistics industries to mitigate the key pain points they face every day. This allows companies of any size to easily estimate jobs, schedule and route mobile workers,  service and bill customers with ease. Route Manager solution from Workwave provides a unique approach to route optimization that increases profitability by reducing operational costs, generates more revenue by freeing up time for more daily driver stops, and improves logistical operations by increasing efficiency.


WorkWave Route Optimization module that we integrated can be easily switched on and settings can be set up for each customer individually. Settings can be customized per each client to provide the flexibility of required information, approval levels etc. Once everything is set any sales orders that are created in Acumatica and connected to WorkWave Id will have shipment information, pictures, signatures, notes and drop-off time slots synced.

Apart from that, based on the entered shipment details, specific groups of delivery territories are pulled from Workwave to show optimized options for the routes. Also all information that is set up on the Workwave side (eg. vehicle type,  priority, order type, pick-up settings, shipment status) is reflected in the client’s instance. Acumatica users can sync and get delivery status to see fresh information about the shipment, since everything that Workwave drivers update in their mobile app, is also being pulled under specific sales order.

Separate item that was created was a print of a carrier label that includes the barcode, shipment information and the packaging size. This was done for an easier process during pick up. 

Sprinterra developers created additional screens and Tabs to customize Sales Orders process and include Workwave information. Also our team created a separate shipment summary page and POD report, where it is possible to track overall status of all deliveries and see if there were any issues with them.

Global routes


Now Acumatica clients can easily use WorkWave Integration as an option when planning their shipments. They can customize everything according to their business needs. With the help of reports and general list it is a matter of a few minutes to control if everything went well with the shipment. With all the attachments, notes and comments it is also not an issue to investigate what went if this is the case. Overall now Acumatica offers one more great option to plan routing for your business, which is essential in the modern world of online deliveries.



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