Explainer: What is Digital Transformation for Banks and How Sprinterra is Acing this Space

man with a laptop with the words online banking on the screen

Sprinterra expertise in Digital Transformation for Banks, Banking as a Service BaaS software, banking software development. There couldn’t be a more exciting time than this to merge the industries of the ‘digits’ and the ‘digital’ to empower global financial well-being. Largely governed by the brick-and-mortar traditional setup, banks are at the forefront of digitization, and […]

Don’t Get Stuck in the Stone Age of IT from 2013

Software upgrade

It doesn’t seem so far, the year 2013. But it’s been ten years since. Look at the iPhone transformation for the past ten years. Did your business software change that much too? The answer is, probably, not so much. Well, that’s not right. Think of 2023 as the year you’ve upgraded your business (and not […]