Sprinterra’s Spectacular Start to 2024: Innovation and Expansion Across the Globe

Only a few weeks have passed since we welcomed 2024, yet Sprinterra has made significant strides, showcasing our tech expertise and innovative solutions at the top industry events. 

We set the tone for a year of growth and achievements,” said Sprinterra’s COO, Eugene Volynsky, commenting on our company’s presence at major industry forums in the US and Europe.

A Groundbreaking Debut at the Acumatica Summit in Las Vegas

The Acumatica Summit in Las Vegas served as the perfect stage for Sprinterra to unveil our cutting-edge Acumatica solutions for the first time. Our Property Management and Cash Basis Reporting offerings captivated the audience, reinforcing Sprinterra’s status as one of the leading Acumatica development partners. Collaborating with our long-standing business ally, Anton Systems, we were proud to sponsor the summit and contribute to its overall success.

Our booth became a hub of innovation, attracting many attendees eager to discuss business and explore potential partnerships,” said Alex Mishkur, Acumatica Program Director at Sprinterra. The overwhelming interest led to a fully booked schedule, with many meetings transitioning online post-summit to accommodate the demand. This recognition is a testament to Sprinterra’s expertise in managing complex development and integration projects, further solidified by our tech partnership with Acumatica, a pioneer in intuitive cloud ERP solutions.

Fueled by our success at this year’s summit, Sprinterra is already in motion to make the Acumatica Summit 2025 in Las Vegas another landmark event. We’re committed to elevating our achievements, bringing forward new and innovative solutions to share with the industry. Keep an eye out as we gear up to unveil our newest developments and partnerships, aiming to extend our legacy of innovation and excellence.

Exploring the Future of Banking at the Banking 50 Forum in Amsterdam

Following the success in Las Vegas, Sprinterra continued its global outreach by attending the Banking Renaissance Forum in Amsterdam. This prestigious event provided a comprehensive overview of the banking industry’s future, covering crucial topics such as AI, Embedded Finance, Open Banking, KYC, and the latest Anti-Fraud and anti-money laundering security measures, among others.

Sprinterra’s executive team participation underscored our ambition to stay on top of technological advancements in the banking and Financial services industry, expand our network, and nurture valuable relationships with current and future partners. The insights gained from the forum will shape our strategies and solutions to better serve our clients in the financial sector.

Getting Ready for the Bank Automation Summit in Nashville

With an eye on continuous education and development, Sprinterra is gearing up for our next major event in the US, the Bank Automation Summit in Tennessee. This event aligns with our company’s purpose: “Elevate efficiency for companies who want to work smarter” – as we explore  innovations in RPA and other bank automation processes. 

It will also provide Sprinterra with a unique opportunity to enhance our offerings for the US Banks and meet the dynamic needs of our clients and partners,” says Sprinterra CEO, Igor Severinovskiy, who will be attending the Bank Automation Summit on March 18-19, 2024, at the prestigious OMNI Nashville.

Sprinterra's Commitment to Growth and Innovation

Our journey through these high-level events emphasizes Sprinterra’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technology. By actively participating in industry summits and forums, we demonstrate our latest R&D projects, share case studies, and, what’s more important, learn about the trends and applications. Our goal is to leverage this knowledge to fuel our growth and help our clients and partners succeed in a digital age. 

According to the company’s Chief Delivery Officer, Nataliia Iashchuk, Sprinterra is set to continue its growth trajectory, innovation, and success, propelled by our passion for technology and dedication to our clients and partners. “Sprinterra has embarked on an ambitious journey, and we are just getting started!” Nataliia added.

Join Us on This Journey

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We invite you to join us as we navigate the future of technology and innovation. With Sprinterra, you are partnering with a team that is not just at the forefront of technological advancement but is also deeply committed to ensuring the success and prosperity of our clients and partners.

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