January 27 – January 31, 2020

Sprinterra was proud to attend its first Acumatica Summit and, boy, were we impressed?!

As we are already looking forward to attending the 2021 Summit, we want to reflect on some of the highlights that struck the chord the most.

Meeting Jon Roskill, Acumatica’s CEO

This was an inspiring conversation where Jon welcomed us to the Summit and we talked about the work that Sprinterra did for Acumatica itself and for its customers. We appreciated the energy and enthusiasm that Jon shared with us about their largest summit by now. We later attended Jon’s opening keynote speech filled with walks down the history lane of the first summit attended by only 30 people and milestones since then that brought Acumatica to the first tier of ERP solutions.


Meetings Acumatica executive team

We had a few more notable meetings with the Acumatica executive team. It was an honor to meet in person Acumatica’s founder and Chief Technology Officer Mike Chtchelkonogov. Mike’s vision created Acumatica in the first place and continues to deliver. He led part of Acumatica presentation and  personally presented several new exciting features due out in March 2020.

New functionality is a part of overall product strategy and this is where Ali Jani – Chief Product Officer, who we also had an honor to meet in person, plays the main role. It is not easy to keep the attention of twenty five hundred people, but that was an easy task for Ali – his keynote address was exceptionally good as he presented the future of the product.

That future is in work today, and Igor Leybe – Director of Technology Partnerships at Acumatica is working hard to deliver this future and to make sure Acumatica partners have full understanding of new functionality and can help to extend, integrate and customize code whenever is needed. It was great to meet Igor at the summit, we greatly appreciate his transparency and open mindedness.

Our customers

Meeting our loyal and happy customers was simply incredible. To hear their praises and warm words about our team and the work we do was the best moment for us. Kudos to our Acumatica team, specifically to Denys Drahonchuk, Aleksej Slusar and others for the quality work they do on a daily basis – we could not be more proud of you.

Yuri Dorovskikh and Alexander Kudryavtsev from OFS International, Tim Teeter from YayPay, Rahul Gedupudi  and Paul Prickett from Kensium, Grant McIvor, Matt Sealy, James Brading, and Jim Seymour from MYOB and many others – we are grateful for you being such loyal customers who trust us with their critical projects.

OFSI Alexander Kudryavtsev on the left and Yuriy Dorovskikh on the right


New exciting functionality coming from Acumatica

Companies are judged on the market by their vision, strategy and thoughtful implementation of both. Acumatica has all necessary components for success and it was on the full display during the summit: from AI, machine learning and cool robots to automation of business processes for people in the offices, in the fields and on the go, Acumatica has shown to be a thoughtful leader in facilitating operational and financial management for any type of company no matter how big or small. That is why Sprinterra is proud to be a trusted Service Provider Partner of Acumatica. We are looking forward to extending our services, customizing new functionality, and integrating Acumatica with even wider variety of applications. Godspeed to our friends and partners at Acumaticа

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