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Small Steps in Odoo: Staff Expenses

Do you want to avoid dealing with complex and outdated processes when managing your company’s expenses? Cash, credit cards, a myriad of receipts, and tons of paperwork? Well, I have an incredible solution for you and your company. Take a look at Mary and Richard’s story.

Meet Mary and Richard…

Imagine Mary, a cheerful accountant, and Richard, her tech-savvy colleague. Mary, known for her warm personality, is responsible for processing staff expenses. She handles petty cash, manually enters expenses, and provides change when necessary. Unfortunately, her process is tied to the end of the month, causing delays and frustration. Meanwhile, Richard, who recently took a business trip, is left wondering if he exceeded the social package limit. Mary can’t provide immediate answers, leaving Mary and Richard in the dark.


Many Companies Face The Same Challenge!

You’d be surprised how many companies still rely on manual, time-consuming, and error-prone procedures to record and process staff expenses. Many wonder how to solve the frustration and inefficiency. What is the alternative? Is it normal for month-end procedures to take up to 7-10 days? Are changes to high-quarter reporting a painful headache for your team? Can an ERP system handle this? And what about the budget for integrating a new operational system? Business owners who rely on Excel spreadsheets struggle. Yet they question whether they should invest in ERP to upgrade their business processes. What’s a return on such an investment? 

Yes, an ERP System Will Save The Day and Your Wallet in The Long Run

Don’t underestimate the impact of small changes. An ERP system could streamline your workflow and maximize your company’s operational potential. At Sprinterra, we believe in valuing every colleague and providing them with tools that make their work enjoyable and efficient. That’s why we recognize the need for a smarter expense management process. 

A Better Solution with Odoo

Odoo’s expenses module and Sprinterra’s customization bring transparency and ease to your expense management process. Say goodbye to manual entries and delays—let’s make your work routine enjoyable and efficient!

Odoo offers:

  • Employees can easily input their expenses into the system and submit them for approval.
  • Users receive timely email notifications about status changes and payment updates.

How To… Input Expenses with Odoo:

  1. Open the expenses module and click “Create.”
  2. Provide a description, select the product, and specify the amount.
  3. Save the entry and attach the receipt for transparency.
  4. Create the expense report and submit it to the manager.
expenses report summary

Another pleasant point is that users can control their expenses and check whether the company has refunded the whole amount.

list of expenses

Customization for Added Convenience:

Sprinterra’s customization takes it further by offering expense types like Subscription and One-time, along with controls for maximum expense amounts. This tailored approach allows you to align the system with your unique needs.

Odoo expenses type

Transform Your Expense Management with Sprinterra

With Odoo and Sprinterra, your team gains the power to manage their expenses efficiently. They can easily track expenses and check whether reimbursements have been processed, ensuring transparency and satisfaction.

Contact Sprinterra Today! 

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