Administration is one of the most important parts of any business process. It is especially true for healthcare providers. The administration of applications requires specific user knowledge and skills. Healthcare related software is becoming more and more sophisticated. Administrators should dedicate more time to learn the systems and to be proficient and efficient. Proper UI/UX design can significantly decrease the learning curve and make administration of healthcare applications much easier.

Main Focus Of Development Team

The highest priority task for every development team is to create very intuitive application design where users spend minimum time to find required function within the application. And administration of healthcare applications is not an exception. Even more – healthcare providers should be held to higher standards as they deal with the lives of their patients. Time is essential and a few seconds can save someone’s life.

A key to successful design of application for healthcare industry lies in a collaborative work of many specialists. At Sprinterra, Business Analysts are first in line, as they should gather as much information as possible about business processes and corresponding workflows.

Process Of Creating A Healthcare Application

Business Analysts create a specification of the processes and deliver it to the entire team that includes UI/UX Designers, Developers, Solution Architect, Tech Lead, Delivery Manager, and QA Engineers. At this point our team has enough information to engage in a few brainstorm sessions and active discussions, which eventually result in a vision for the solution, including main functionality, administrative part and corresponding design.

In the next step a Solution Architect wraps the proposed vision into UML and BPMN diagrams, while a UI/UX designer simultaneously works on a prototype.

Our Designers are laser-focused on creating a clean application design, meaning the final product should be very intuitive letting the users work with application effortlessly. At the same time the proper application design should result in a cost-effective development.

Our team had accomplished dozens of projects, where we tried different approaches to design and development. Our experience dictates that proper collaboration of entire team in application design results in successful development and satisfied customers.

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