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Celebrate Ukraine’s Independence Day With Sprinterra

18 Months of Astounding Resilience: Sprinterra Marches On Despite the War

A woman in a white t-shirt holding a yellow and blue heart that resembles the Ukrainian flag

Ukraine has a deep-rooted tradition of tech leadership


Did you know that the first computer in continental Europe, MESM (Ukrainian: MEOM, Мала Електронна Обчислювальна Машина;  ‘Small Electronic Calculating Machine’), was built in Kyiv in 1950? While Moscow portrayed this as a collective “Soviet” achievement, we beg to differ. After all, the independent Kievan Rus’ existed long before the Soviets or the Kremlin ever did. 

Today, Ukraine celebrates its 32nd independence day

Мала електронна обчислювальна машина. Загальний вигляд.
Europe’s First Electronic Computer, MESM, Kyiv 1950

And there will be hundreds of more to come.  At Sprinterra we are sure of it and are helping to keep this promise with all our might. 

Many of our clients have asked, “How can you work and deliver amid constant rocket attacks and alarms?” It’s a legitimate concern. Yet, to stop working would be to let the enemy win – and Ukraine does not back down so easily. Especially considering the heart-wrenching first few weeks of February 2022. 

“The safety of employees and their families is always a priority,” remarks Eugene Volynsky, Sprinterra’s Chief Operating Officer. “We helped them relocate to safer parts of the country, ensuring their loved ones were cared for.” Some of our team members relocated beyond Ukraine, and some of them were drafted. But it didn’t stop Sprinterra. As our COO, put it, “We encountered more determination than fear, more resolve than despair. Despite early setbacks, we recovered quickly, and within a month, Sprinterra regained our momentum.” 

COVID Taught Us to be Better Prepared

A girl working on a laptop with Sprinterra logo on the computer, kitchen on the background
Sprinterra team worked remotely during the 2020 pandemic

In an unexpected twist, we were ready for the challenges, thanks to… COVID-19. The lockdowns and travel restrictions pushed us to establish a solid remote workflow and sharpen our expertise in team management and steadfast delivery back. The pandemic crisis ironically turned out to be our training ground. 

As was Moscow’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014. Following those events, we made a strategic shift, relocating our cloud infrastructure to Europe. “With our main office in the US, this decision proved invaluable, enabling us to adapt to changes swiftly,” says our CEO, Igor Severinovskiy.

“We are commitment to client satisfaction,” shares Nataliia Iashchuk,  Sprinterra’s Chief Delivery Officer. “To support our Ukrainian team, we expanded our recruitment efforts, seeking talents from the US, Europe, and Latin America countries.”

Ensuring prompt delivery, Sprinterra fortified its provisions against potential power and internet connectivity disruptions. Our Kyiv office became more than just a workspace—it transformed into a sanctuary, our CDO, Nataliia, reflects. “Many of our team members found solace in their work tasks during these unsettling times. My colleagues’ dedication is awe-inspiring; some even work from bomb shelters,” said Nataliia. And it’s still true today as the war is far from over. 

Nonetheless, Ukrainian IT services export rose by 5.8% in 2022, accumulating over $7.34 billion in revenue. It is an impressive leap from the preceding year, according to the IT Ukraine Association.  This success is anchored in Ukraine’s solid educational infrastructure: nearly 30,000 IT graduates join the industry every year. This pool of expertise has attracted tech giants such as, Amazon’s Ring, Nvidia, SAP, and  Fiverr, The global demand for skilled IT professionals ensures that Ukrainian companies continue to thrive, even against the odds.

The IT industry is a major driver of Ukraine’s economy, and it has played a key role in the country’s struggle to overcome russian aggression. Ukrainian IT companies have provided essential services to the government and military, and they have also helped to raise awareness of the war and to mobilize international support.

Our company is proud to be a part of this effort. We are confident that Ukraine will prevail in this war. The Ukrainian people are strong and resilient, and they are fighting for their freedom. We stand with Ukraine, and we will continue to support the country in any way we can.

We Stay Strong Together

Sprinterra Team in Kyiv gathered to watch a movie together. July 2023.
Kyiv, July 2023. Sprinterra Team Ukraine gathered at the office for a movie night.

So, to those who ask us how we do it, we say – it gets tough sometimes, but we are getting tougher. We are part of the unbeatable spirit of Ukraine—a spirit that we at Sprinterra channel into every line of code and every solution we create. 

We are proud to be a part of Ukraine’s tech community and play a role in helping the country win the war. Ukraine will emerge from this conflict stronger than ever before.

We don’t just commemorate our Independence Day. We live its values every day. 

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