Treasury Management System with Complex Payment Workflow

Client: Global Financial Services Provider

Project’s Timeline: 1 year development stage, 3+ years maintenance


Our client, a leading global provider of asset management, investment processing, and investment operations solutions for institutional and personal wealth management, sought a sophisticated web application to streamline their complex payment workflows. The application needed to be incorporated into their existing organizational platform, including architecture, infrastructure, and design.


The main challenge was developing and supporting two distinct web applications for different user groups. The applications had to support multiple delivery types (including SWIFT, email, FTP, etc.) and cater to different approval workflows that were client-specific. Additionally, ensuring maximum flexibility and compatibility with the client's existing platform posed a significant challenge.


Sprinterra successfully developed a sophisticated web application that streamlines complex payment workflows, with seamless integration into the client's existing platform. The system comprises two separate web applications - one for internal use and another for their external customers, each with a unique set of functionalities. The application supports multiple delivery types and caters to various client-specific approval workflows.