Tailored Invoice Consolidation Solution for Acumatica Users

Client: Acumatica

Project’s Timeline: 2 months


In the logistics industry, Acumatica client users create thousands of shipments for multiple customers each month. These customers are billed at different frequencies and require varying invoice presentation styles. The challenge was to consolidate shipments into a single invoice or split them into several groups in various ways while accommodating individual client preferences and managing tax identification.


Acumatica's existing system allowed for different invoice formats based on customer, carrier, and ship via, but it did not provide a method to break up invoice consolidation. Users required a more flexible and customizable invoicing solution that could handle diverse consolidation scenarios, tax identification, and drop-ship delivery options.


Sprinterra modified the Acumatica Receivables module by setting specific invoice consolidation attributes in the preferences using Microsoft .NET, C#, and Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform. During sales order creation and organization, users could set an invoice group and apply these attributes for customized invoice splits. The solution also added a specific action on the process shipment step, which allowed for drop-ship delivery options. After initiating the invoicing process, specific invoice numbers were generated with items split according to the defined logic.