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Smart Automation: Sprinterra Workflow Solution for Interactive Brokers Trading Platform


Sprinterra was tasked with enhancing the client’s trading operations on the Interactive Brokers platform. The objective was to develop a solution that could audit positions and automate trading flows effectively, utilizing proprietary algorithms and custom rule sets.


The client needed a sophisticated tool to streamline their trading operations, which included the efficient auditing of positions and the automation of trading flows. The existing manual processes were time-consuming and prone to errors, necessitating a more efficient, automated solution.


Sprinterra assembled a team with extensive financial industry experience and employed a methodical development approach, utilizing 1-week sprints for rapid feedback and iterations. The team delivered a comprehensive web application that enabled:

Detailed portfolio reporting and recording.

Creation and management of algorithmic rule sets for transactions.

Task execution with extensive customization options.

Real-time data integration with the Interactive Brokers API.

Automated SMS notifications for specific algorithmic operations.


24/7 Trading Capability: Ensures continuous market engagement, with the potential to increase trading volume by up to 40%.

Immediate Market Response: Provides instant response to market changes via real-time API connectivity, essential for leveraging volatile market opportunities.

Automated Trading Flows: Reduces the need for manual intervention by utilizing proprietary algorithms, thereby decreasing missed opportunities by roughly 30%.

Enhanced Trading Strategies: Allows for the optimization of trading decisions through customizable algorithms, potentially improving profit margins by up to 25%.

Increased Operational Efficiency: Automated notifications and reporting mechanisms significantly reduce the time spent on routine tasks by up to 50%.

Technologies Used

.NET, Bootstrap, JavaScript (JS), Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL), Interactive Brokers API


An Independent trader

Project’s Timeline:

4 months

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