Integrated Shipping Solution with FedEx and UPS

Client: A software and IT solutions company

Project’s Timeline: 6-12 months


A software and IT solutions company sought Sprinterra's expertise to seamlessly integrate Acumatica ERP with the largest multinational courier delivery services - FedEx and UPS. The goal was to enable Acumatica's users to manage shipments within the application, including tracking sales orders, calculating costs, printing labels, and ordering deliveries.


Our client needed a robust solution that could control all shipments within their system, streamline shipping operations, and reduce the time spent on managing shipments. The solution also had to provide real-time updates on tracking numbers, freight costs, and package weights, while ensuring seamless integration with FedEx and UPS systems.


Sprinterra developed a Shipping Tool Integration, a Windows desktop application that integrates Acumatica ERP system with UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager. The application enables users to process Acumatica shipments in the supported shipping applications, with the subsequent update of tracking and freight cost information in Acumatica. The integration streamlined shipping processes by automatically triggering FedEx or UPS applications upon completion of picking/packing in Acumatica. Once the shipment processing was finalized, Acumatica received automatic updates with corresponding tracking numbers, freight costs, and package weights.