The Future of Telehealth: Enhancing Patient Care with Innovative Digital Solutions

Client: Healthcare (Telehealth)


Our client, a remote monitoring healthcare analytics and management company, serves primary care patients with chronic diseases. The platform engages patients via video and audio calls, IVR calls, and mobile applications, enabling healthcare professionals to monitor patient adherence to treatment plans and track vital signs. The client's machine learning algorithm analyzes patient data to predict potential adverse events up to 7 days in advance.


The client aimed to add new modules for both internal staff and external customers to improve patient engagement and adherence to doctor's recommendations. Additionally, the client required a conference calling feature for telehealth communications, integration of a behavioral science component, EHR interoperability, and customization options for mobile applications. Lastly, the client needed to upgrade its existing environment and tools to the latest versions.


Sprinterra collaborated with the client to finalize requirements and develop a comprehensive plan to incorporate new functionalities into the existing application. Our team developed a reporting module that displays patient adherence data, alert statistics, and demographic information in an easy-to-read format. We designed and implemented a wide range of notifications for patient-related events and integrated a third-party behavioral analysis module with a comprehensive psychographic database. To enhance communication, we implemented group call capabilities and an invitation system for both web and mobile platforms. Our team engineered configurable app elements and implemented dynamic configurations for client customization. We also upgraded and fixed system components to enhance security and reliability, and collaborated with the client to modernize outdated infrastructure components. Lastly, we initiated the integration of the EHR interoperability engine to further improve the platform's capabilities.


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