Boosting Efficiency with Acumatica and Mailgun Integration

Client: IT services company

Project’s Timeline: 6 months


Our client, an IT service provider offering a wide range of services, including support solutions, cloud services, consulting, security, and software development, chose Acumatica for their ERP needs. They extensively used Acumatica's direct emailing feature but faced the challenge of a lack of email delivery confirmations.


The lack of email delivery confirmations within Acumatica's direct emailing feature limited our client's ability to track correspondence and verify the status of their communications. This issue threatened to hinder their communication efficiency and created potential misunderstandings between parties.


Sprinterra suggested integrating Mailgun service to resolve this issue, using technologies such as Microsoft.NET, C#, Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform. Mailgun was selected due to its easy SMTP integration option and a simple, RESTful API. Mailgun Tracking logs and Analytics features provided additional benefits and offered help for troubleshooting. The resulting implementation made all emails sent via Acumatica trackable and their statuses verifiable. Users can now see if emails were delivered and opened by recipients.