The Sound of Success: An Innovative Music NFT Platform for Artists and Fans

Client: Entertainment, Blockchain, Crypto, NFT

Project Timeline: 3+ years


Our client, a digital record label based in Vienna, sought to improve and upgrade an innovative platform that would enable customers to invest in their favorite artists' success by acquiring shares in songs as Music NFTs. Their vision was to transform their existing website, which focused on new and upcoming artists, into a cutting-edge platform that would allow fans to become shareholders of new hit songs and receive proceeds from various revenue streams.


The challenge was to develop an accessible platform for users to invest in and collect Music NFTs, which could increase in value over time. The platform had to be user-friendly, secure, and transparent, allowing users without prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies to participate in investing and trading the NFTs. Additionally, our client wanted to update their website to attract the right audience and align with the latest design trends.


Sprinterra built a user-friendly platform, enabling users to invest in Music NFTs and receive proceeds from multiple revenue sources. The platform uses ERC-1155 semi-fungible tokens and ERC-721 collectible NFTs. It leverages Amazon's native services, such as Lambda Functions, RDS, DynamoDB, EC2, and ECS, to ensure high-quality service and availability even under heavy loads. The platform utilizes Polygon layer 2 sidechain within the Ethereum blockchain for low transaction fees and high security. To facilitate a seamless user experience, Sprinterra integrated MagicWallet, allowing non-crypto users to create a cryptocurrency wallet within just a few clicks. Sprinterra is also working on adding support for other wallets for more advanced crypto users. Additionally, Sprinterra's developers undertook a massive project to upgrade our client's website, making it more appealing to a broader audience, including crypto users, and converting more visitors.