Achieving Payroll Excellence: How a Custom Module Streamlined Our Client’s Global Operations

Client: A software and IT solutions company

Project’s Timeline: 12 months


A company with over a decade of experience providing software and IT solutions for businesses across various industries needed a more efficient payroll system to manage its 400+ contract employees. With multiple offices in different countries, the existing manual payroll process was time-consuming and error-prone. The company sought a custom solution that could integrate with its existing Acumatica ERP software and address the challenges of managing payroll for a large workforce.


The company required an automated payroll system capable of handling hundreds of employees across different countries, each with unique payroll rules and regulations. The existing Acumatica payroll modules had limitations on employee numbers and lacked the ability to perform automatic calculations based on entered data.


Sprinterra developed a custom payroll module for the company, integrated with Acumatica's existing modules. The new module allowed simultaneous data entry and calculations for more than 400 employees on the same screen, providing impressive performance in terms of speed. The payroll module integrated with Jira to accurately calculate employee salaries, taking into account factors like vacations, sick leaves, bonuses, and days off. Additionally, it helped determine budget burn rates for specific projects. The custom payroll module featured the ability to print tax reports and work completion certificates, export payroll data to Excel for analysis, and integrated with Acumatica's Accounts Payable module for generating and printing invoices.