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Acumatica Jira Tempo Integration

Sprinterra presents a highly efficient solution for workflow automation: the integration between Acumatica and Jira Software.

This powerful tool is designed to automate and synchronize workflows between Acumatica and Jira in real-time, freeing you from the burden of manual tasks and empowering you to concentrate on growing your business.

Currently compatible with Acumatica versions 2023R2, this solution is at the forefront of technology. If you’re ready to try it or have questions, reach out to us via [email protected].

Seamless Compatibility

Our integration solution is designed to be compatible with both Jira Cloud and Jira Server platforms. It streamlines the automation of workflows, facilitating the direct transfer of user and employee work logs, along with timesheets data from Jira to Acumatica, enhancing your project management and accounting practices.

Enhanced Flexibility and Control

Our integration extends beyond mere data transfer. It offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing for the review and modification of employee timesheet details directly within Acumatica, ensuring your data always reflects the most current and accurate information.

Jira Integration

A Four-Easy-Step Integration Process 

Step 1: Connection Configuration

Begin by setting up the connection between Acumatica and Jira, ensuring secure and reliable data exchange

Step 2: Mapping and Synchronization

Entities within Acumatica (such as Employees, Projects, Project Tasks, and Account Groups) are mapped to corresponding entities in Jira (Users, Projects, Issues, and Issue Types). This mapping ensures data integrity and consistency across both systems.

Step 3: Data Retrieval and Validation

Execute the data retrieval process to collect employee timesheets from Jira, preparing them for Acumatica importation. This stage incorporates a validation system to detect and exclude incorrect records, providing detailed explanations for any necessary revisions.

Step 4: Data Processing in Acumatica

Finalize the process by importing the verified data into Acumatica as Project Transactions. This step completes the data synchronization, making detailed project and financial tracking information available in Acumatica.


The Jira Tempo Integration with Acumatica by Sprinterra is not just a tool but a solution designed by engineers for efficient workflow management. It leverages automation to bridge project management and financial systems, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and providing detailed insights into project metrics.

  • Reduced Manual Data Entry: Automating data transfer minimizes time spent on manual entry, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.
  • Enhanced Project Visibility: With data from Jira seamlessly integrated into Acumatica, teams gain better insight into project progress, resource allocation, and financials.
  • Streamlined Operations: The integration simplifies the workflow between project management and accounting, ensuring that project tracking and financial reporting are always aligned.
  • Flexible Data Management: Users can review and edit timesheet details within Acumatica, offering flexibility to adjust data as projects evolve.