File Integration Framework for Acumatica

Sprinterra proudly introduces our specialized add-on for the Acumatica ERP system, designed to enhance integration with third-party applications. This innovative solution offers seamless connectivity with FTP, SFTP, and Amazon S3 servers, facilitating efficient file data importation.

Our add-on streamlines the integration process, significantly reducing development time by providing a universal framework that is both easily customizable and extendable. Users can develop their own connectors for additional external systems and implement bespoke logic for processing imported data. By managing core functionalities like server connections, file retrieval, and workflow execution, the add-on enables users to concentrate on their unique business needs.

Enhancing the Acumatica ERP system’s capabilities, this add-on improves interoperability with various applications. Sprinterra’s File Integration Framework for Acumatica delivers a flexible and scalable solution that easily adapts to changing business requirements and data sources. Sprinterra’s add-on ensures a smooth and efficient integration process, offering unparalleled access to external application data.

Key Features