Acumatica Customization Utility Tool

The Acumatica Customization Utility is a command-line tool crafted to streamline the customization development workflow for Acumatica ERP. This utility is equipped with a comprehensive and intuitive command system, enabling developers to efficiently execute tasks essential for creating and maintaining Acumatica ERP customization packages.

Using the Acumatica Customization Utility can significantly reduce time spent on routine tasks and minimize errors and time spent on development. It also improves project quality and team collaboration.

Core Functionalities

Installation and Management

Obtaining the installation image, deploying and uninstalling Acumatica ERP, and managing Acumatica instances through installation, upgrades, or removal.

Customization Handling

The tool supports operations such as uploading, downloading, publishing, or unpublishing customizations, retrieving source code, building extension libraries, and creating customization packages.

Acumatica Customization Development Workflow flowchart

This tool represents a leap forward in customizing and enhancing the Acumatica ERP system, as demonstrated in practical applications and detailed discussions available on Sprinterra’s website through these articles: