A Word from Our CEO, Igor Severinovskiy

My dear fellow Sprinterrians,
Today is the last working day of the year and on behalf of Eugene and myself I want to wish all of you a very Happy  New Year. 

Despite the challenges of the year, your resilience, perseverance and success shine brightly pushing Sprinterra to the new heights. All of you are a great source of inspiration and positive energy for us. I can’t be more proud and thankful for the opportunity to work with all of you. 
Unfortunately, today’s bombing of Ukraine was yet another reminder of what kind of threats you and your loved ones have to face in this unjust and brutal war. I’m sure all of us are united in our desire that Ukraine wins this war soon. Let’s continue our efforts in helping the Ukrainian army and volunteers to make the victory come sooner!
Wishing our company continued strength, prosperity, and peace in the upcoming year.
Happy New Year, everyone!

Best wishes,

Igor Severinovskiy

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