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The functionality you need, wherever you need it.

Sprinterra has broad expertise in building software within many industries. Here is the short list:


Big or small, we can help you to build solutions ranging from financial reporting to counterparty data reconciliation, complex portfolio management, collateral management and risk management platforms. Our expertise spans across all layers of financial organization structure – Back, Middle and Front Office. We are extremely scrupulous in adhering to the highest regulatory and data security requirements in all of our projects.


COVID brought new urgency into integrating telehealth solutions and adding remote monitoring capabilities to many healthcare providers. Within these trying times our team became subject matter experts on such solutions while adhering to HIPAA regulations.

Real Estate

Software solutions for real estate are widely available on the market. But there is a caveat – data management and integrations require significant effort from IT specialists. And this is exactly the area where we helped many of our clients and can assist you.


Data centralization, BI reporting, and system integrations are among our strongest specialties. If we could help Madison Square Garden, we can help your organization.


The way people shop has changed dramatically. We help our retail partners reach and engage customers, while tapping into real-time customer insights.


Using lean methodology, we are assisting our clients in building a solution that has everything they need on a minimal budget to make their vision a reality.

Contact us today and discover how our solutions can help you get to the finish line faster.

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