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Customized Client Reporting

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Business Challenge

As our customer’s client base grew, the more effort was required to deliver a variety of reports to different destinations, via various protocols and diverse file formats.

Every report had its own delivery schedule; some were needed weekly, while others were needed every 30 minutes. Therefore, the complexity of these processes called for a unified solution that could minimize the probability of human error and guarantee the robustness and smooth flow of all processes.


Our solution was a report-oriented platform to provide production support engineers and their end users–clients–with the information they need in their day-to-day trading work. It gathers information for different kinds of products including equities, fixed income, futures, options and swaps from different sources like Sybase and Oberon, and sends it out to any type of outside storage using any popular transfer protocol such as FTP, SMTP or HTTP. The reports can be formatted in whatever way is suitable for the end user, whether it is an application or a person. The user can choose from many different options, from plain .txt format to a secured .xls, which is encrypted using our universal enterprise encryption service app. If the customer is not able to find a format appropriate to his needs, the support team can develop any format needed in a time frame so short that he would never notice. Moreover, reporting jobs are scheduled according to the customer’s time-frame requirements, so the report is always there when they are needed. Any source, any format, any product–it’s not a problem for WebExport.


    • Report output in any format (.txt, .csv, .xls, .xml, .pdf, etc.)
    • Transfer of report files using any kind of protocol (http(s), ftp(s), smtp, etc.)
    • Encrypting file content through EES application
    • Filtering and sorting reports without re-running them
    • Scheduling of reporting jobs and automated report file transfer
    • Simple and easy-to-use web interface
    • Corporate standards implementation due to a unified platform and creation of common procedures

Approaches Used

    • Test-driven development
    • Application integration and customization
    • Integrated system testing

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